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Line-X of Volusia County
313 N Tomoka Farms Rd
Daytona Beach, FL 32124

Phone: 386.740.1040
Toll Free: 800.801.2986
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Line-X of Volusia County - Spray-On Truck Bedliners  - Testimonials
Line-X Lifetime Warranty"I just want to say that as a consumer, for anything you buy, two things always stand out when the business is done: customer service and the product. I've just had my first experience with Line-X of Volusia County. Questions were answered, technicians and office staff were polite and friendly, and the end product is truly professional. I not only had my truck bed sprayed but also added my toolbox. What an upgrade. I will be back and I will promote Line-X of Volusia County to anyone I can... Oh yeah, did I mention the lifetime warranty? Keep up the good customer service... the Line-X liner will speak for itself!"
T-Man - San Antonio

I just wanted to say I have 2 Dodge trucks, both had a drop in liner, I just bought my new 99 Ram and after seeing the job Line-X did for another Dodge truck at the dealer, I was impressed. I only buy the best in trucks, and after having the product installed and already heavily used, I can say I have had only the best of bed protection installed. I also have had numerous comments and questions from the people I work with, not only did they love the Dodge truck but the thought the Line-X liner was a perfect match in quality. Thank you to the Line-X folks.

Mike C. - San Jose, CA

"I picked up my new Ram about 3 weeks ago and I too had the bed liner dilemma. Spray-in vs. drop-in. Keep in mind this truck is my first new vehicle, so I wanted it done right. Then my uncle told me about Line-X. I had never heard of it, unlike the xyz liner which is pretty popular. I called my local Line-X dealer and boy did I ask for it. He gave a 10 minute sermon on why I should go with Line-X. I was even more impressed because he did it without bashing the competition. Well, yesterday I had it done and when I saw the finished product my jaw dropped. It looks incredible, no flaws or mistakes. These guys did a fantastic job. I've seen xyz liners and they're OK, but what these guys did with the Line-X is pure art!"

Matt G. - Naperville, IL

"Just wanted to let you know that since 1996 I have had 4 pickup trucks sprayed with your Line-X liner and have never had one scratch of any kind. Just had a new 2007 Ford F150 Super Crew Cab sprayed this week."

Bill M. - Carthage, TX

"I bought a used 2008 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab 4x4 earlier this year. The truck was in superb condition inside and out, even came with a drop-in liner. After hauling some gravel I removed the bed liner to wash it out and make sure there was no gravel trapped in between the bed and the liner. Much to my dismay I discovered some type of epoxy had been spilled in the truck prior to the liner being put it. The chemicals had eaten through the paint in some places and made the bed look really bad. My brother had a Line-X bed liner put in his 2006 Dodge Ram and suggested I look into it... The truck now looks great! Way better than before and I don't ever have to worry about the previous damage to the bed again."

Kurt B - Springfield, VA

I had my pick-up bed sprayed. The bed in this 3 year old truck had numerous scratches and I wanted to get something done before rust set in. I thought about repainting but the rest of the truck still looks new, So I decided to try Line-X. I'm glad I did. It looks great and now I don't have to worry about more scratches. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks Line-X!

D. Farris - Metairie, LA.

"I hauled three separate loads of roughly 1,100 lbs in the Tundra. Hauled it like a champ thanks to the self adjusting brake system. Notice the skid marks on the Line-x, the fork lift operator set the palette down near the end of the bed and then pushed it over the axle. I panicked, but the Line-x held up just fine!"

Mark L - Lafayette, LA

Line-X of Volusia County - Spray-On Truck Bedliners