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Line-X of Volusia County - Spray-On Truck Bedliners  - Mobile Service
LINE-X Mobile Systems open a whole realm of possibility. With a mobile system we can go to your location and serve your industrial coating needs. From flooring and decks to secondary containment systems,
LINE-X offers an industrial strength, durable, non-slip, polyurethane/polyurea protective coatings that prevents rust and corrosion. We are in the process of developing this service and will be offering mobile service soon.

Here's a list of ideal application for LINE-X Mobile Systems:

  • Construction; decks foundations, retaining walls, roofs.
  • Marine Applications; decks, ramps, docks, cargo holds. bilge areas, free flood areas.
  • Commercial Transportation; tractor trailers, rail cars, garbage trucks.
  • Industrial Applications; aircraft hanger floors, factory floors, walk-in coolers, secondary
    containment for fuel systems, storage tanks.
  • Other; kennels, outdoor ponds, pools, silos, feed containers, playground equipment, garages.
  • And Much More!

Light Industrial Coatings
LINE-X™ spray-on coatings are designed to create an impenetrable barrier between valuable equipment and nature’s harshest elements such as high humidity, saltwater and extreme temperature changes. LINE-X permanently bonds to most materials at the molecular level, creating a unique composite unlike any other. That makes LINE-X perfect for protecting virtually anything that you care to protect: recreational vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, RVs, motor homes, boat hulls, sound systems, work tables, playgrounds, and more.
Industrial Coatings
LINE-X™ multipurpose spray-on coatings provide superior protection for virtually any surface, including metal, concrete, fiberglass and wood. Companies around the world requiring the highest levels of corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance trust these polyurethane/polyurea elastomer coatings to keep their equipment and systems running at optimum efficiency. LINE-X industrial coatings have virtually unlimited applications potential for any business serious about protecting and prolonging the life of its assets - be it plant equipment, delivery infrastructures or providing a safer employee environment.
Line-X of Volusia County - Spray-On Truck Bedliners